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shock-absorbers , details of exhaust system, optics, fuel pumps, gears, towbars, switches, buttons, mirrors, details of windows.

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ASAM is one of the largest industrial manufacturers in Romania, whose main activity is the production of industrial and automotive spare parts and sub-units. , SHRKSh, seals, couplings, starter parts, optics, pumps, gears, towbars, switches, buttons, as well as mirrors, radiators, piston rings, window parts. Due to the success of sales of models such as Dacia / Renault LOGAN, DUSTER, SANDERO, STEPWAY in Romania and around the world, Conex Distribution has created a wide range of products for these cars based on its own program Romanian Parts for Romanian Cars. auto parts and romanian cars. ASAM spare parts are a good inexpensive solution for car repair.

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