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Dust cover kits, CV joints, semi-axles, brake cylinders and clutch cylinders

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CIFAM is a division of the manufacturing holding company Metelli (Italy). CIFAM products have long been known for their parts for hydraulic systems of cars, clutch parts, drives and joints of excellent quality. CIFAM is the world's leading manufacturer, certified according to ISO 9001 and has its own research and testing centers.
The history of CIFAM begins in 1975, when Metelli (Italy) decided to create a new division for the production of hydraulic parts for braking and transmission systems. And already in 1979, a division under the cifam brand appeared in Italy. A few years later, it was transformed into a separate company, and in 1996 there was a reverse merger with Metelli holding in order to increase production capacity and research capabilities.  Today, Metelli-CIFAM holding exports high-quality and reliable auto parts all over the world.

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