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Coils, sensors, ignition system elements, thermostats, relay regulators, Lambda probes, contact groups and trambler covers.

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FACET S.r.l. founded in 1946 in Italy, it initially focused on the production of electrical equipment for the automotive industry. Today it is a manufacturer specializing in automotive electrics under the EPS brand.  Every year, the company produces about one and a half million ignition coils. A fifth of our products are sold on the Italian spare parts market and sent to the assembly lines of Fiat, Iveco, and Alfa Romeo concerns. Italian electricity is packaged by such well-known companies as Hella, Lucas and Beru. Currently, the range of EPS spare parts for ignition systems is supplied to most automobile brands in Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia and Japan. Quality and reliability are confirmed by ISO 9001 quality certificates, as well as by global manufacturers Opel, Mercedes, Ford and others.

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