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Gaskets of all types, cylinder head bolts, seals, sealants, epiploons, washers

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Elring is one of the oldest companies in Germany, currently has more than 20 plants. In the company's catalogs you can find about 20 thousand items of engine parts and fasteners. In total, this range covers 98% of European car models and about 60% of Asian models. Some of the products are delivered to the conveyors of many car manufacturers. Elring offers a wide range of gaskets of various types, sets of gaskets, seals, bolts and other parts, as well as sealants needed for maintenance of cars and trucks. You can buy products in 140 countries. Elring, a leader in technology and quality products, guarantees not only the rapid provision of its customers with innovative spare parts, but also the consistently high quality of its products.

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