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JURID is a brand of Federal Mogul. Jurid is a premium line of brake pads, discs and brake fluid for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks, supplied primarily as OE equipment for original equipment vehicles. One of the recent achievements is the supply of Jurid pads for the original configuration of the VW Passat, recognized as the car of the year 2015. Jurid products are manufactured at four European factories in Germany, France and Spain. The range of brake pads and discs supplied by Jurid to the Aftermarket market covers more than 95% of the needs of the car park in Europe.
The Jurid range is represented by three series, which can be recognized by the end of the article:
D - budget series, meets the quality and safety requirements of car manufacturers;
J - series that combines an affordable price policy on the market and the highest quality products with reduced noise and exceptional performance;
JC is a premium "Jurid White" series, developed on the basis of a special ceramic mixture that replaces all materials that form soot and dust. This technology made it possible to reduce brake dust by 90% and minimize disc wear.
Jurid develops world-class braking products. This means expert knowledge and skills are focused on creating innovative products that outperform the competition in every vehicle and at every stop.

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