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Filter, brake system, clutch, steering and suspension parts, water pumps, wheel bearing kits, spark plugs and wiper blades, electrical equipment parts.

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KAVO is one of the world's largest suppliers of OE quality auto parts for Japanese and Korean cars, with more than 25,000 product names in its arsenal.KAVO is a specialist with 30 years of experience in purchasing, market research and delivery of auto parts of Asian brands. The range of products under the Kavo Parts brand fully corresponds to the market and covers the needs of almost 100% of the Japanese and Korean fleets. KAVO supplies products to more than 40 countries around the world. Most of the products are presented under the Kavo Parts brand. The exceptions are AMC filters, KCW and NWB wiper blades. The products are delivered to the assembly lines of many global automakers.

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