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VAG (Volkswagen Group) is the world's largest car manufacturer.
Produces passenger vehicles (including very expensive ones), as well as trucks, sports cars and motorcycles. Today, 342 companies are united under the leadership of VAG, the activities of which
related to the production and maintenance of motor vehicles. in
at different periods of its history, the Volkswagen company bought shares of less successful competitors, and now the concern includes more than 10 well-known car brands. Among them are Seat, Porsche, Audi and others. Today, the concern owns 45 plants located in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Every day, 26,000 units of production come off the conveyors of major enterprises.
Cars are sold in 150 countries of the world. Dealer network
VAG is common throughout Ukraine. An agreement on the production of the Volkswagen Passat model was signed between VW and the Transcarpathian EVROKAR plant. Original spare parts
VAGs are packed in boxes made of high-quality light brown cardboard. All icons are perfectly drawn. The ends of the boxes are buried with black plastic tapes.
On fakes, the icons are unclear, the text is illegible, the plastic bands are of a different color. The package inside the box has a tag with a barcode and the original part number. Badges (VW, Seat, Audi and others) are colored. A red cross bar separates them from the barcode.

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