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Sensors and their attachments, thermostats, switches/switches, Lambda probes, coolant tanks and plugs

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Vernet S.A. - French manufacturer of thermostats, sensors, water flanges, Lambda probes, expansion tank covers and radiators. VERNET products are available in a wide range and offer high accuracy, reliability and long service life. That is why about 60% of the manufactured thermostats go to the initial assembly of almost all French cars, as well as a large number of vehicles of German, Japanese and Korean assembly. The remaining 40% of products go to the secondary spare parts market. Vernet's production facilities (factories in Spain, the United States of America, France, China, Argentina and India) are certified according to ISO 9001, as well as ISO / TS 16949: 2002. Today, Vernet is one of the top ten manufacturers of electronic thermostats. Its products receive high ratings from motorists.

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