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Liqui Moly (liqui - liquid, moly - molybdenum) - a German company, manufacturer of automotive oils, lubricants and additives (more than 6,000 items in the company's range). Today the company has one of the widest range of motor oils, which allows you to meet absolutely any need. From mineral oils of the highest quality to the most modern synthetic. All viscosity ranges are covered, all price ranges. Lubricants have the latest API and ACEA specifications. Almost all products were developed and created in the company's own laboratory in close cooperation with automakers. Lubricants and additives are made exclusively on the German production base, where the product is packaged. This strategy has made the company successful, as evidenced by numerous incentives and awards from German consumers. In recent years, several more lines have been added: a full range of adhesives, sealants and anti-corrosion agents. The full range of service, care, repair products for cars, motorcycles, motor boats, bicycles and garden equipment has strengthened the popularity of the company, which offers car care on the principle of "EVERYTHING from one source".

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