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High pressure pumps, air flow meters, coils and ignition modules, generator regulators, ignition parts, relays, sensors

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The production of high-quality spare parts for the global automotive electronics market has been a task for HÜCO for more than 30 years. HÜCO, ISO 9001: 2008 certified. The company successfully supplies 60% of its products for export to customers worldwide.
In 2012, HÜCO acquired Hitachi Automotive Systems Europe GmbH. Hitachi is a world leader in various areas of the economy. One of the production areas of the concern is
automotive industry. The acquisition of HÜCO contributes to Hitachi's significant expansion and strengthening of its position in the European automotive spare parts market. Within the Hitachi Group, HÜCO remains an independent company and is the center of competence of Hitachi EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) in the spare parts market. Many product groups that have not yet entered the spare parts market can now be purchased from HÜCO. Thanks to the two-brand strategy introduced in 2014, some products can also be purchased on the spare parts market under the Hitachi brand. Two strong and attractive brands, a reliable partner and high-quality products benefit HÜCO customers.

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