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Company E.Sassone Srl, founded in Italy in 1953, is known on the market as one of the largest manufacturers of automotive clutch discs in the EU countries. Recognition and popularity have come thanks to a wide range of products, the use of the latest technologies, which ensures the highest quality of products. Under the brand name E.The following clutch elements are available to SASSONE: wheels, baskets, release bearings – both separately and in sets. The line for passenger cars covers the needs of the fleet of cars of Japanese, European, Korean and American production.
Scientific developments in the field of friction materials carried out in the company's laboratories make it possible to produce discs that meet the most stringent quality requirements.
The quality control system has been constantly improved: today it is based on multi-stage verification, starting with testing the quality of incoming raw materials and materials, ending with testing products coming off the assembly line. The company has its own laboratory, which monitors and controls the quality of raw materials and other components used in production.

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